Performance: Confession


Image of the Confession performative installation at the Oude Kerk on Museumnacht

'Confession' – Networked performance 06/10/2010 in de Oude Kerk (oldest church in Amsterdam) as a part of 'Between Heaven and Earth' evening of performance art, in the context of Museumnacht.

Nancy Mauro-Flude & Audrey Samson were invited by curators Rose Akras and Dirk Jan Jager to develop a new artwork to be performed at the Oude Kerk during Museum Night in Amsterdam (NL).

‘Confession’ is a performative installation based on ‘non-linear narrative’ cinema that incites the audience to interact with ‘the database of the dead’ via gestural movements on a touch screen. The database (sisterO) interprets information from the Oude Kerk’s online database containing information about all those berried in the floor of the Church. The audience may ask questions or ‘query the database’ via a blank touch screen by drawing on it. The answer comes in the form of a series of images juxtaposed on a big projection next screen shots of user’s drawing. The interaction between the Church and the database of the dead are occurring in real time, networked over thousands of miles.

Nancy and Audrey along with tapping into the database of the dead – the virtual – were considering how remote and local spaces are constructed through institutional and private social codes