-install instructions

before we start we :

1) RUN the puredyne boot cd
{more instructions about PureDyne: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Puredyne/Burning_and_Booting_the_live_CD_or_DVD#Burning_the_puredyne_image_onto_a_disc}

2) open a terminal window and type:

sudo apt-get install ncftp

{you will have to type your password to continue}

#sudo su [this is the root command on puredyne for root in terminal otherwise you are lintian user]

3) run xawtv by typing:
–> do the devices open? can you see your camera? if so – which device (0, 1, or 2?)
if you can see your camera you are ready to go to the next stage – opening Pure Data!

4) copy the files the Pure Data folder to the Desktop (ask me for the USB stick or download from:
extract: http://1904.cc/~aether/kode/MTLalphaPDpatches/gridflow.zip
into your /usr/lib/pd/extra folder
{this means you will re-write the gridflow folder}

5) Download the patch: http://1904.cc/~aether/kode/MTLalphaPDpatches/MTLlastPDpatch.zip

(is the servers.txt there – if not get it and add it to the folder and operate all the pd from that folder or the libraries will break)

4) open a terminal window and type:
LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l2convert.so /usr/bin/pd

5) open a new window:
test [pdp_v4l2]

if it works…

6) open one of the pd files (2, 4 or 9 frames).

The URLs where you will see your tests is:
9 frames: http://1904.cc/
4 frames: http://1904.cc/live/frameset_16_06112010/mainframe_fade.html
2 frames: http://1904.cc/live/frameset_16_06112010_2frames/mainframe_fade.html

You are using aether9‘s servers/tools.

Other troubleshooting notes:
if your video web camera isn’t working – you need to get inside the patch…

Puredyne :
(sometimes preload LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l2convert.so /usr/bin/pd command doesn’t  work or opens pd-vanilla with no extra libs)

so if it does this :# try opening pd from menu/ lower left of screen – (its in audio on the live puredyne cd)
# open patch – satpres.pd from your folder

#click on the pd patch open the pd guts
#the toggle linked to r $0-v4lonoff — switch it ON
#click the second toggle (linked to v4lonoff) off and on again

#make a [format 1] message box
#link the output to the input of [pdp_v4l2]
#click the [format 1] box
see if the pd console changes its tune… [see below ]
ie – >
the [format 1] box should be below the three [open /dev...] message boxes and still a bit above the [pdp_v4l2] object

#pd console should read something like:
pdp_v4l2 : input 0 : Camera 1
pdp_v4l2: device has 1 inputs
pdp_v4l2: switched to input 0
pdp_v4l2: device supports 0 standards
pdp_v4l2 : format 0 : MJPEG
pdp_v4l2 : format 1 : YUV 4:2:2 (YUYV)
pdp_v4l2 : format 2 : RGB3
pdp_v4l2 : format 3 : BGR3
pdp_v4l2 : format 4 : YU12
pdp_v4l2 : format 5 : YV12
pdp_v4l2: device supports 6 formats
pdp_v4l2 : current format is : MJPG
pdp_v4l2 : setting format : index : 1 : pixel format : YUYV
pdp_v4l2 : capture format : width : 320 : height :240 : bytesperline : 640 : image size : 153600
control 9963776 active (i:0)
control 9963777 active (i:1)