‘IntimacyOD’ is an art work that reflects upon the differences and
similarities between the human performer and our inhuman machinic

‘IntimacyOD’ lays bare the border between the reality of things and
their representation. Encouraging a reality that is fragmented,
multiplied and out of sync, computers, through computer-mediated communication and
computer agents (GUIs, CMSs, scripts, bots) have become key social
actors and communicative partners in the human domain.

This is the territory for of the artwork. Via performance, onsite & the Internet
as a platform, in a playful, speculative manner it is aesthetically
proposed that we have had an overdose of intimacy. Performers dance with robots,
finger paint through the virtual dark and back
again with an online presence.

Possessed by the screen, Graphical Interfaces and user profiles, the art work
rethinks these otherwise & points to a ideokinetic dialogue (when the hand readily navigates the space between
the fingers and the keys on the computer).